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Jason Brammer in front of the vine mural in Gin Alley


Photo by Michael Scarapelli

"My mural at Gin Alley explores the translucent nature of leaves, the transcendent quality of flowers, and the phenomenon of heliotropism where plants naturally seek out and grow towards the sunlight."

Friday 2/5

Kicking us off is Jason Brammer. He is the artist responsible for the most visible mural in Gin Alley.

The green tendrils reach out onto Peoria and pull you in. Brammer is a Chicago-based visual artist known for his murals, site-specific installations, distinctive paintings, and mixed media hand-painted assemblages. Read on to learn about his concept for the mural and check out his website here.

" In this work of art, I interpret growing botanical form as a mythical ladder to a luminous, otherworldly realm, with swirling vines reaching upwards and drifting off into the ether. In addition, I aim to draw passersby into Gin Alley through an organic gateway with tendrils extending out of the alley onto the façade of the surrounding buildings on Peoria. It is an honor to add some vibrant artwork to help welcome viewers into this reimagined, classic Chicago locale.”



- Jason Brammer


Photography by Michael Scarapelli and Ashley Rose

Professional artist portrait of Emmy Star Brown

"My work at Gin Alley is inspired by relational interaction: initiating, experimentation, intensifying, integration, and bonding. I wanted to create a fun and adaptive design in overlaying jewel tones that playfully carries throughout the walls of the common areas."


Photo by Field Creatives Chicago

Friday 3/5

Emmy Star Brown is a Chicago-based painter, muralist, and calligrapher. Her clean and monochromatic palette is reflective of her graphic design background, as well as her love for modern design

Emmy's designs are the first things you see when you enter the lobby of The Lofts at Gin Alley. Pulling you in and up the stairs that overlook the bustling streets of Fulton Market below.

Her seamless designs are all hand-painted. Emmy is best recognized for her lettering, patterns, and array of original commissioned work. She paints with graceful precision across various materials, including glass, canvas, wood, and mirror. Her custom work ranges from personalized paintings to large-scale murals. Emmy loves collaborating with individuals and creative brands alike. She has years of experience creating artwork for residential and commercial projects, as well as painting live at events. Check out the full range of her work here.


"I’ve long been fascinated with lines. Their simple yet versatile applications can channel everything from the organic beauty of the natural world to the most stylized and dynamic of typefaces. With each piece, I seek to highlight the elegant interplay between both shapes and negative space to story-tell. It’s that same layering of lines and carefully placed marks that provides ample room for visual interpretation.

Inspired by Alexander Calder and Girard, both my mural and canvas work begin with a meditative and color-intuitive approach that focuses on creating connections and visual balance. The result is a deeply personal work that feels equal parts accessible, intentional, beautiful, and hopefully a catalyst for thoughtful dialogue."

-Emmy Star Brown


Photography by Field Creatives Chicago and Ashley Rose

Photography by Ashley Rose

Stefan Matioc
Professional artist portrait of Stefan Matioc



Photo by Any Morris Churdar

"The neon lights at Gin Alley blend his continuous line drawing style with a boxing glove and heart rate monitor. The modern and abstract flavor adds an extra punch to the state-of-the-art training facility."

- King Art Collective

Friday 4/2

When you enter the fitness center at The Lofts at Gin Alley you know you are in a unique space like no other. Fitting of the Fulton Market neighborhood,  the space combines state-of-the-art fitness equipment for the residents with the industrial street art vibe of the area.


Stefan Matioc is a visual artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. His signature flowing line style takes many forms, ranging from t-shirts to large-scale murals to neon lights. He splits his time in between client-facing work: animation, murals, logos, commissions - and personal projects like comics and screen-printing.  Check out the full range of his work here. 


Photography by Ashley Rose
Professional artist portrait of Tanner Woodford



"When the vinyl is installed, only the letterforms are transferred—the area around the letterforms is discarded. This piece was inspired by those materials, creating something beautiful from the spaces between the vinyl texts for Great Ideas of Humanity"

Tanner Woodford
Tanner Woodford

Friday 5/7

Tanner Woodford is the Founder and Executive Director of the Design Museum of Chicago. His site-specific piece at Gin Alley is inspired by his collection of works titled Cutting Room Floor.
It is made from the remains of the vinyl lettering that was installed as part of the wall text from Great Ideas of Humanity: Out of the Container.  In the exhibition, ChiDM partnered with 826CHI, asking a series of designers to make posters based on phrases written by 5th- to 8th-graders. We then asked other students to answer, in their own words, “What is a great idea?”


Woodford’s unique design lines the exterior windows at the entrance to The Lofts at Gin Alley located at 120 N. Green Street. 


Woodford also teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and makes Iterative Work. As a designer, educator, and entrepreneur, he has taught, lectured, and led workshops on design issues, social change, and design history in classrooms and at conferences. He is irrepressibly optimistic, believing design has the capacity to fundamentally improve the human condition. He lives and works in Chicago. Learn more about Tanner Woodford here.

Photography by Ashley Rose
Professional artist portrait of Lucy Slivinski


Photo provided by King Art Collective
Lucy Slivinski

"I live in the collaborative space of ideas, conception and construction. My process with materials is focused on found objects integrated into conceptual art making, inspiring me by all connections and contributions. My work is the investigation of connectivity."

- Lucy Slivinski

Friday 6/4


Between the first and second floors of The Lofts at Gin Alley lies a vertical corridor where you can find  Lucy Slivinski’s one-of-a-kind iron chandelier.

Sculptor and installation artist Lucy  Slivinski works with found objects to create conceptual spaces of human connection. Drawing upon ideas of recycling, regeneration, and interconnectedness, the works in Soul Touch seem at once repelling and inviting, asking the viewer to consider the materials as objects of consumption and waste, but, more importantly, as tools that generate discourse and encourage energetic, physical engagement. In posing complex dynamics such as this, Slivinski's work lends a unique and innovative tint to notions of decay and beauty, promoting neither one nor the other, but rather intertwining and even collapsing the two together. Using bottles, wire hangers, chairs, mufflers, and a vast array of other found and recycled materials.

"I am both humbled and amazed at the regenerative power of life.... Through recycling, we have blessed opportunities to reshape things that are perceived as decay, into replenished mysteries of beauty.
I am a true believer and a seer of the creative possibility."

Learn more about Lucy Slivinski and her work here.